Submitting Work

Post all coursework, including in-class writing, to your assigned process portfolio blog. Each draft should be published as a separate entry. All in-class work must be posted before the end of class.  All final drafts must be accompanied by the following cover sheet:

Cover Sheet

Project genre



Identify the section of Montréalités where this piece will be published and the purpose of this project.


Identify any software and cloud-computing apps that you used to create this project.


Identify learning objectives for this project.


Identify skills that you developed or refined through this project.



Describe the most rewarding feature of this project project and describe any future learning goals that emerged from this experience.



Describe the most challenging feature of this project and identify any issues or problems that you experienced creating this project.



If this was a team project, describe your role.




After your draft has been graded, revise it and publish it on the appropriate section of Montréalités.  If you have a formal portfolio, publish your piece on this location as well and include the cover sheet.

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