Week 1

Introduction to the course


Introduction to

the Internet Resource Guide

Complete planning worksheet.


Read Chapters 1-3: Introduction to Technical communication, Understanding Ethical and Legal Considerations and Writing Technical Documents






Week 2

Paper draft workshop


Read Chapter 6: Researching your Subject

Rough draft landing page due


Week 3

Paper draft workshop

Assign online process portfolios

Read Chapters 4-5: Writing collaboratively and Analyzing your Audience and Purpose


Rough draft Internet Resource Guide due


Week 4

Publishing guides


Internet Resource Guide Due


Week 5

Introduction to

writing technical descriptions


Complete planning worksheet


Write a one-sentence definition and extended definition for your introduction during class.


Creating graphics


Complete creative graphic.



Read Chapter 20:  Writing Definitions, Descriptions

and Chapter 12: Creating Graphics


In-class project:

creative graphic



Week 6

Web-mediated draft workshop


Writing coherent documents


Understanding audience


Read Chapters 9: Writing coherent documents

Rough draft technical description due

Week 7

Introduction to

writing instruction sets


Testing instruction sets

Complete planning worksheet

Effective sentence writing



Read Chapters 20: Writing instruction sets


Chapter 13: Reviewing, Evaluating and Testing Documents and Websites 







Week 8

Wiki draft workshop

Usability testing


Instruction set rough draft due


Week 9

Introduction to

making chatbots


Instruction set due



Week 10

Yammer draft workshop chatbot

Chatbot rough draft due




Week 11




Introduction to

making Infographics




Read Chapters 11: Designing documents and websites 


 Chatbot due

Week 12

Infographic Voice Thread workshop

Read Chapter 20: Connecting with the Public

Infographic rough draft due

Week 13

Montrealites' Infographic Competition



Infographic due











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