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Screen shot 2012-07-15 at 9.05.03 PM.pngThrough this assignment, you will become familiar with online resources specific to your interests, including research tools, professional societies, and other internet sites that people with similar interests should find useful. For this assignment, you are invited to work in teams and produce one resource guide collaboratively.


  • To become familiar with specific and credible resources
  • To make decisions about organization, format, and style as a means of creating a usable document for readers
  • To develop skills with writing abstracts
  • To create a multimedia project


Step One: Identify at least four Internet resources and a top-five list.

Step Two: Write an abstract for the four items

Each abstract should include the following content:
Answers to the following questions for each of your abstracts:

  • What is this resource? Write a one sentence definition. Provide a smooth and informative link in the sentence definition. 
  • What is in it (nature and scope)? Provide essential details and examples.
  • How is the information relevant and useful for someone in my field? Note its specific strengths and uses
  • Write a bullet list of tips for using each resource
Step Three: Write a top five page
  • Five items and links 
  • Five graphics  (google map links)
  • Ranking criteria and rating system applied to each item

 (one item will include the top five sites bike trails, bakeries, universities, concert venues)


Internet Resource Guide Sitemap

 Landing page or blog entry

  • Title and Introduction/visual image
  • What's in the guide (contents/scope)
  • Who the guide is for (audience/purpose)
  • What the guide assumes users know
  • How the guide is organized for use
  • Tips for using the guide
  • List of links to all four abstracts and the top-five page

Each abstract page should include the following 

  • What is this? (Include a smooth and informative link.)
  • What is in it (content, scope)?
  • How is the information relevant and useful for someone in my field?
  • A screen cast of the resource.
  • A bullet list of tips for using the resource efficiently?

 Make each abstract page dynamic and visually exciting:

  •   Provide a visual graphic that does not include a snapshot of your website.
  •   Create links to your internet resource.
  •   Take one snapshot of the internet resource website.
  •   Employ color in your design.
  •   Consider including a screen cast.
  •   Write effective headings.
  •   Design a bullet list of tips.

Possible topic ideas

  • Guide to biking in Montreal
  • Guide to higher education in Montreal
  • Literary guide of Montreal
  • Guide to best fresh markets of Montreal

Image source: Flickr

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