Grading Rubric Instruction Set








The instructions are complete and include all of the information needed to complete the task at hand. 







Background information, warnings, and definitions are included where appropriate.







The instructions are organized logically.







Items within numbered lists are organized chronologically.







Sub-sections are clearly marked with headings. 







The overall design is clear and consistent.







The instructions use fonts, white space, contrast, alignment, headings and sub-headings appropriately and consistently.







The instructions effectively create a professional ethos.







The tone is effective for the audience. 







Instructions are written as active voice commands.







Headings are numbered, and bulleted items are in parallel form (that is, they use similar grammatical structures for each item in a list and for the text of headings).








They're written from a user-centered, rather than system-centered, perspective and in the imperative mood.







They anticipate the user's questions, difficulties, and needs.








Includes a conclusion.







The instructions clearly addresses a specific audience








Helps the audience understand the product or process.    








Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct.







Completed Planning Worksheet







Completed timely rough draft








 Completed draft workshop









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