Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 9.40.13 PM.pngFor this assignment, you will be required to design a basic gaming concept for our Montréalités website. You may work alone or form a group.

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The following video clip provides a decent example of the kind of game you might design: a simple game design with relatively strait-forward puzzles, incorporating humor and wit.

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble:

Download the free trial version and play.

When writing your gaming idea, briefly include the following items:


High concept-a brief description of the game

Pitch-a one page document describing the game's selling points and potential profitability


-Explanation of the game's genre

-Game's Premise

-Project's scope and learning objectives

-Description of the target audience

-Play mechanics and game play description

-Thematic concepts

-Description of the game's environment

-Development of characters 

Additional Deliverables (appendix)

-Initial game-design document

-Narrative treatment and possibly some sketches for game play

-Flowcharts for one level of play

-Concept art

-Design of the game board if applicable



Your Game Should Follow the Rules of Educational Gaming (PSU Gaming Commons)

  • Voluntary --gamers participate freely
  • Rules-- verify strategies
  • Goals--provide challenges with defined outcomes
  • Feedback--  measures progress against goals
  • Interactions -- involve conflict, competition and opposition
  • Separation from Reality --fantasy or impossible elements played out in a safe haven




Another Option for your Project.docx

Game Production Process
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