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1.         Review the introduction for the instruction set. It should describe the procedure, provide background information, and preview the contents and organization. How effective is the introduction? Is there anything missing that the audience would need before they start? What revisions could the author make to make the introduction more useful?



2.         Locate key terms in the instruction set. List them below and evaluate whether or not the author has explained them. What terms might readers have trouble with?



3.         How are the instructions organized? What is the overall organizational pattern? What organizational patterns are used within sections? How should the writer revise or reconsider the document's organization?



4.         What design techniques are used to help the audience find what they need? How does the author employ the design principles of proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast? In addition, evaluate the use of white space, columns, and page grids to achieve an effective communication.


5.         Look at typography. Evaluate the effectiveness of typographical choices for the instruction set. Be sure to pay attention to all textual elements, including headings.



6.         Identify the visual elements (diagrams, charts, tables, etc.). For what purposes are they used? Does the author need to revise their visuals or add additional visuals?



7.         Are the instructions themselves worded clearly? That is, do they consistently use the imperative mood and parallelism? Are bullets and numbering used correctly? Suggest revisions of instructions that were unclear to you or that do not follow standard format.






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