Infographic Draft Worksheet

Voice Thread workshop.
  • Open an account on Voice Thread and draft work shop using multimedia tools.
  • Post of copy of your draft to your process portfolio and provide a URL to your draftworkshop.

Does the infographic have something relevant to add to the conversation?

Does the infographic have a clear call to action?

Describe how the infographic follows technical writing principles, such as headings, sentence structure, elements of document coherence, and typography.

How might the author improve document coherence? Provide at least three tips.

Does the layout make sense from one grid to the next? Explain.

Does the infographic include high-quality creative commons images or original works and related captions or blurbs? Explain.

Does the infographic include relevant numbers and statistical figures? How might the author improve this aspect of content?

Describe three potential audiences for this infographic?

Describe how the infographic meets standards of originality and engagement? How does it work to appeal to its intended audience?

Is the color and typography effective? Why or why not? Explain using at least three complete sentences.

Identify any grammatical mistakes or other obvious errors?

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