Creating Comics

Screen shot 2011-09-01 at 5.18.03 PM.pngThe comic strip is the essence of concise writing. For this project, I would like you to produce a project that adapts a technical writing document to the conventions and aesthetics of a comic strip. In effect, you will be using the conventions of a comic strip to present technical information.

To complete this assignment, you will create a minimum of a five-frame comic strip for Montrealites based on the theme: "Montrealites Guide to Survival".  Your comic strip could take the form of a technical description or instruction set or any other form of technical writing. 


The comic strip does not have to be humorous; instead, it needs to illustrate and make a point about something important in Montreal.

Image source: Flickr.  



  • To adapt technical information to reach a larger audience
  • To gain expertise creating an argument that is largely visual.
  • To understand the basics of typography and color choices when designing documents


Be sure to put a title and your name in a text box above the comic strip. Feel free to use the online comic strip maker: Pixton Comics.



Image source: Flickr.  




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