Back home

in Nebraska on my father's ranch was where I learned to endure grit and trial, chopping weeds, herding cattle and bearing the brunt of flying hooves while branding. The men would mostly yell at the girls when they helped. We often got hurt, trampled and knocked about. This life sent me on my feet heading elsewhere; decades later, the memories of the cattlemen, their tattered hats, lean frames and pipe tobacco are filtered with sorrow. The cowboys, I knew, are all buried.

Image Source: Flickr, Before Its Time, 2008.


During that time away, I spent too many years pursuing education. After earning a bachelor's degree in psychology and business administration from Briar Cliff College, I went on to earn a master's degree in marketing at Texas A&M University. I spent a few years working in the field of business administration before returning to school to earn a master's degree in English literature at the University of South Dakota. While studying, I also worked as a counselor at the Nebraskan Indian Community College in Santee, NE. Years later, I went on to complete my course work for a PhD in English Literature at the University of Cincinnati. Raising a young family and having the opportunity to live in Europe waylaid my plans to complete the degree. Sadly or happily, I'm returning to school this fall to pursue my interests in Educational Technology.

Here at Concordia University, I've taught English 212, Composition Stage 1; English 213, Composition Stage 2; English 216, Writing for Diverse Audiences; English 395, Technical Writing; and English 397, Business Writing. I've developed several course websites and a portfolio website for students taking the professional writing minor; in addition, I've designed a number of other websites, my favorite being Montréalités.  

During my summers, I usually return back home. Now, it's only women, my mother, daughter and  I, who remain among the living. Together, we pass our days sifting through sandy creeks, searching for fossils, and polka dancing in country ballrooms.

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English 212 Composition Stage 1
English 213 Composition Stage 2
English 216 Writing for Diverse Audiences
English 395 Technical Writing
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English 397 Business Writing